Kids Sports Equipment & Apparel


  • Nylon Bean Bags - 5"

    Description: Stitched seams for added durability. Come in multiple colors that allow for an assortment of combinations and the nylon covering allows for easy washing. Dozen per pack.


  • Throw Down Orange Bases

    Description: Set up a virtual baseball diamond anywhere you want. The 5-piece set includes rubber home plate, pitcher's plate, plus three bases. Constructed of washable and flexible rubber that works for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Low Profile Cones

    Description: Low Profile Cones Pack of 12. Come in colors of yellow, orange, and prism (purple, orange, blue, green, yellow, red)


  • Economy Cones

    Description: Highly visible in vivid yellow color 9" cone. Weather-proof vinyl cone is lightweight and has a small base. Stacks easily; no hole in top. Comes in only the color yellow. Price is for one cone.


  • Large Duffle Equipment Bag

    Description: 600 denier polyester with a durable web shoulder strap and handle. Holds whatever you need to travel to the next camp; uniforms, shoes, gloves, balls etc. Duffle like bag - 36" x 20"


  • Extra Large Equipment Duffle Bag

    Description: Made to be durable with heavy-duty cotton canvas and leather-reinforced bottom. Includes shoulder strap and handle. Comes in black. Duffle like bag - 42" x 20"


  • SuperTots Coaching Kit

    Description: <p>10 economy cones (yellow), 12 low profile cone (disks-orange), and 10 bibs (5 red and 5 blue).</p>


  • Foam Javelin

    Description: These 36" javelins feature 3 fins in order to travel more aerodynamically through the air. Made for ages 5+. Comes in a set of six that includes 1 blue, 1 green, 1 orange, 1 purple, 1 red, and 1 yellow.


  • Stopwatch

    Description: Mark 1 Economy Stop Watch - Black


  • Plastic Whistle

    Description: MacGregor Black Plastic Whistle Pack of 12


  • Orange Head Water Bottle

    Description: Orange Head logo on the front of white and purple plastic water bottle. Pop open nozzle with screw on lid.


  • No Kink Hoops 24in

    Description: With Premium No-Kink Hoops even a playground tug-of-war over a hoop won't cause a kink and ruin it. These hoops feature extra thick walls so kinking is a non-issue. Includes 2 of each color. 12 per set


  • No Kink Hoops 30in

    Description: With Premium No-Kink Hoops even a playground tug-of-war over a hoop won't cause a kink and ruin it. These hoops feature extra thick walls so kinking is a non-issue. Includes 2 of each color. 12 per set


  • No Kink Hoops 36in

    Description: With Premium No-Kink Hoops even a playground tug-of-war over a hoop won't cause a kink and ruin it. These hoops feature extra thick walls so kinking is a non-issue. Includes 2 of each color. 12 per set.


  • Parachute 12ft

    Description: A 12 Foot wide parachute with built in handles. Awesome for activities with many kids to gather around and play games with!


  • Foam Noodles

    Description: The activities are endless with this 32 pack of multi-colored foam noodles! From swimming to noodle wars, these noodles can provide enjoyment to people and kids of all ages!


  • Adjustable Tennis Net

    Description: The adjustable Tennis Net can expand and retract to accommodate almost any size court! Perfect your tennis skills any where with this portable net!


  • Economy Flag Belts

    Description: The Economy Flag belt is a flag football belt that when pulled during game play will release the flag from the belt. The belt will stay connected to the runner. The economy flag belt features easy Velcro attachable flags for fast re-attachment.


  • Hockey Hot Balls

    Description: Hockey Hot balls are a fun and effective way to practice and perfect the hockey skills of all SuperTots. Set of 6


  • Cosom Elementary Hockey Set

    Description: This is a terrific way to familiarize kids with hockey play and rules. The Cosom Elementary Floor Hockey Set is meant for kids in grades 2 to 4. Set contains twelve 36"-sticks (six each red and yellow), three pucks and instruction book.


  • Ball Needles

    Description: 6 to set. Pump up any size or shape of ball


  • Batting Tee

    Description: MacGregor® Batting Tee features adjustable hitting height from 20" to 40". Durable rubber components with solid metal base provide added weight for better stability. Ideal for training players of all ages.


  • Large Ball Net

    Description: Holds 8-12 volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, or footballs. White net bag that has a top that can be tied and great for carrying larger equipment.


  • Plastic Flying Discs

    Description: Set of 6. Each set includes 1 of each color; blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. 9" Diameter.


  • Poly Spot set

    Description: These soft, flexible plastic markers measure 9" diameter and easily stick to gym or tile floors without shifting. Sold in prism packs with either one or two of each color, blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow or all orange. Pack of 6.


  • Half Cone Carrier

    Description: This metal carrier transports and carries Low-Profile Cones with ease and organization.


  • Agility Ladder

    Description: This ladder lies flush with the ground, a great exercise for athletes who want to work on footwork and agility. The possibilities of different workouts are endless!


  • Gator Skin Foam Balls

    Description: These tough balls are excellent for playing dodgeball, and many more games! These balls are coated with a flexable rubber coating we call 'Gator Skin'. Gator skin is durable and tear resistant, so play away! 6 Balls per set


  • Spalding Youth Basketball System

    Description: The Spalding One-on-One Basketball Hoop adjusts from 32" to 52", has a durable non-slip net, and includes a 5" inflatable basketball. No tools required for assembly. Base holds one gallon of water or sand for stability.


  • Adjustable Jump Ropes

    Description: An adjustable Jump Rope that can accommodate almost everyone! From the young toddelers to high schoolers, all it takes is a quick and easy adjustment and your jumping away! Set of 6.


  • Triple Play Flag Belt

    Description: The Triple Play Flag belt is a flag football belt that is built with an easy release system. When pulled during game play, the belt releases.


  • Youth Footballs

    Description: These footballs are made of roto-molded foamed vinyl that combine the best of playground and foam balls. The diameter of the ball can be varied by about 1" to find the right bounce and softness. Each set of 6 includes one of each color.


  • Foam Hoop Holders

    Description: Hoops can be used as over, under and through obstacles, or slide hoops or wands in a horizontal or vertical manner. No hard metal or sharp edges, so no worries about scrapes or cuts. Each set (12) includes one pair of each color.


  • Multi-Flex Hurdles

    Description: These light-weight PVC hurdles can be flexed to two heights 6" or 12". The Multi-Flex Hurdles are sold in sets of 4 and are used for a variety of activities and drills to increase quickness and agility.


  • Deluxe Coaching Kit

    Description: 10 economy cones (yellow), 24 disks (low profile-orange), 12 bibs (6 red &amp; 6 blue), plastic whistle and large duffle equipment bag to carry it all in.



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