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About Marc Pouw

Marc Pouw's journey in sports began at age five with gymnastics, leading to a third-place finish in his home country's national championship. His athletic pursuits didn't stop there; throughout school, he excelled in various sports including volleyball, basketball, and rowing, showcasing his versatility and leadership.

Transitioning his passion into a career, Marc co-founded and then managed three yoga studios, specializing in ashtanga vinyasa yoga. This was one of the very first yoga studios in Belgium and Marc built it up to one of the most renowned and well known yoga studios in the country. A large percentage of all yoga teachers in Belgium had their training with Marc. Over 15 years, he trained hundreds of yogis, sharing his expertise and fostering a community centered around wellness and personal growth.

In 2024, Marc launched Skyhawks Ventura and San Fernando Valley, bringing premier sports programs to children in California. Their mission is to offer enriching after-school sports classes, emphasizing teamwork, perseverance, and fun. This new venture is a testament to Marc's lifelong commitment to sports and his belief in its power to positively shape young lives.