About Levi & Jordan Hewitt


Boise franchise owners, Levi and Jordan, met in the beautiful, lake city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Growing up in Coeur d’Alene, athletics played a major role in both their lives.


Having attended Skyhawks programs as a child, Jordan knows the lasting impact sports have on children. Now settled in Boise, Jordan and Levi are ready to make an impact in the Treasure Valley using the foundation that Skyhawks Sports has laid.


Levi is a nine-year Air Force Veteran, passionate about people and encouraging personal growth. During his time in the service he was stationed in Texas, North Carolina, England, and Idaho as well as temporarily serving in various other locations throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States.  In high school, Levi played football, baseball, soccer, and track & field. He also loves playing pick-up games of basketball and volleyball. For Levi, athletics has always been a way to learn life lessons and build relationships.


Jordan’s love for people, contagious laugh, and passion for children helped with her success while managing a character-party business in the states and abroad.  She has also worked on multiple military bases serving veterans and their families.  Jordan played soccer, softball, and basketball while growing up and enjoys the social and health aspects of sports.


Levi and Jordan have always found a way to be involved in the communities they've lived. From volunteering with organizations to running kids church programs, they like to make an impact wherever they are. Now that they have returned to their home state, they are excited to lay down permanent roots and embark on this journey with Skyhawks.