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Skyhawks Camp: Hope for The Perpetual Procrastinators


  • Posted: June 9th, 2014

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    By: Sideline Sage

    Between cutting mold off cheese and unearthing potato chip remnants from the pantry to put together the last few sack lunches, remembering to sign permission slips for pizza in the park, Silverwood, or whatever the last-week-of-school-shindig might be, many of us don’t have time to think about our- kids’ summer plans.

    As a perpetual procrastinator, I have faced the reality (for nearly every summer since being a parent of preschool aged children—11 years?) of a “CLASS FULL” prompt upon attempting to register for the session I WANT to take at the nearest pool or sports camp. If you’re new to the game, June is typically LATE registration unless we’re talking about something in August. Everyone knows that the BEST classes are full months in advance.

    Except with Skyhawks!!!

    The depth and breadth of available locations and sessions—and the comparatively encouraging “almost full” prompt – is like a cool gulp of water on a sweaty Mid-July afternoon to procrastinating parents.

    Okay, ONE Skyhawks camp (in the home area of Spokane, WA) has been full since May–a Soccer camp, but not THE ONLY soccer camp! There are a handful of other Skyhawks soccer camps still open around the city.

    “Our Mini-Hawk camps sell out first,” Skyhawks Marketing Manager Sam Dascomb advises, “Then combination camps,” The rest, Dascomb explains, is based on geographic and cultural preference. “Soccer sells out in California, and Lacrosse sells out in Colorado,” she explains. “It depends on the market.”

    The flagship program, Mini-Hawk, offers a combination of Soccer, Baseball and Basketball or Soccer, Baseball and Flag Football. Both still have plenty of slots. And new this year? A Soccer/Swim all-day camp (ages 6-12)! What a perfect combination! Set up like a traditional weeklong summer day camp, The Soccer/Swim Camp is a joint effort with Spokane Parks and Recreation. Both the July and August sessions will take place at Comstock Park.

    Unlike traditional camps, there is not a page-long checklist of gear and clothes to bring to Skyhawks camps. (“Yea!” again, from the procrastinators)

    For shorter camps, outfit campers in running shoes, layers of clothing and sunscreen, with a couple of snacks and a water bottle (with the camper’s name). For camps longer than four hours, add a healthy lunch. Add a swimsuit and towel to the soccer swim combo. Voila! Summer handled. The days, anyway…

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