SuperTots Sports Academy Instructors


Deliver programming that develops kids physically, emotionally and mentally and teaches the joy of physical activity.

Instructor Goals

As an SuperTots Sports Academy (SuperTots) instructor you get the opportunity to influence and develop young bodies and minds. It is a fun and rewarding job. You will receive expert training and loads of experience that will equip you with confidence and skills you will use the rest of your life.

Instructors have told us that their SuperTots experience changed and enlightened them. They gained insight to not only young kid’s nature but to human nature in general.

You will learn the best way to lead, nurture, inspire, motivate, teach and develop young people.

"This job is awesome. Getting paid is just a bonus." Kelly, Spokane WA.

At SuperTots we believe that:

"There is no greater gift than to make a different in the life of a child." - unknown

The following are the SuperTots instructor's goals:

  • Develop student motor and sports skills
  • Create a fun, experience that fosters a love of sports
  • Build self esteem in each and every student
  • Teach and reinforce social skills

Job Description

Teaching - Using the provided curriculum to direct small classes of kids ages 18 months to 5 years old. The instructor is charged with leading the activities, teaching proper motor and sports skills, and teaching behavior skills.

Sales and Customer Service - SuperTots depends entirely upon customer satisfaction to survive. The instructor plays the pivotal role in both the student and parent customer experience. Besides teaching, the instructor helps parents with administration issues, sort out schedule issues, give student evaluations. They are, charged with establishing a positive relationship with each and every parent. Instructors are expected to be knowledgeable on all the programs offered and to help sell and enroll students.

Class Set Up - The instructor is responsible for setting up the equipment they will be using in class that day. Sometimes this entails retrieving equipment from its stored location and placing it back again at the end of class.

Class Management - This is keeping track of the student's progress and reporting it to parents. This also entails taking attendance and other simple administration tasks.

Training - Instructors may be asked to train new instructors. Training also includes attending periodic training sessions.

Required Attributes for Instructors

  • Love kids
  • Sincere desire to work with young kids
  • Understand the objectives of the curriculum
  • Ability to motivate and engage kids in activities
  • Ability to give good clear explanation of activities
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Desire to make kids smile and laugh
  • Patience
  • Enthusiastic and positive
  • Recognize and appreciate individual differences in kids
  • Willing to reinforce appropriate values
  • Always willing to learn

Instructing kids in the SuperTots program is a well paying, rewarding and fun job. If you have a desire and think you would like to apply, please Apply Now!

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