What to Bring to Sports Camp

August 10th, 2021

Children are gathered drinking water and chatting during a break at sports camp.


Skyhawks Sports Academy Camps are the definition of fun, but we want to make sure that your child is fully prepared to attend! Below are some items that your child should bring to camp with them each and everyday to ensure that your child is ready to enjoy everything that our amazing programs have to offer! 

- Spray on / Mist Sunscreen! 

Our camps run from either 9am-12pm, 9am-1pm, or even 9am-3pm, which often means that campers are in the sun for a strong majority of the day. In order to prevent the harmful damage of prolonged sun exposure, it is highly recommended that campers bring sunscreen every day of camp.To protect both coaches and campers, Skyhawks coaches are not permitted to apply sunblock to campers. However, coaches ARE permitted to help campers apply sunscreen that are spray on / mist products, and are encouraged to remind kids to reapply throughout the day 

- A water bottle! (reusable if possible) 

In order to prevent fatigue and potentially even heat strokes, it is essential that all campers bring some sort of water bottle with them to camp each and every day. Having fun and playing sports in the sun at camp all day can be quite tiring, so it is highly recommended that each and every camper brings a reusable water bottle (or two) as it is very likely for a child to finish all of their water before the end of the day. 

- Athletic Wear / Athletic Shoes! 

Here at Skyhawks, we want to ensure that every camper has comfortable attire that can be worn for long periods of time. It is highly recommended that each camper comes to camp every day with athletic/tennis shoes, as well as appropriate attire for playing sports all day! Hats are also a great addition to keep the sun off of your child’s face and out of their eyes. 

- A Snack! (lunch if applicable) 

Each and everyday, depending on the length of your camp, every child should be prepared for a snack break with a nutritious and filling snack. For camps that end later than 12:00, a snack as well as a packed lunch is required. 

- Hand Sanitizer! 

Although all Skyhawks Sports Academy Coaches are prepared and equipped with hand sanitizer at every camp, it is always a great idea to bring your own just in case! We are all doing our part to stop the spread of germs at camp.

- A Mask or Face Covering 

 If local and/or state guidelines require it, participants and parents/guardians are required to wear face coverings during check-in, check-out, breaks (when not eating or drinking) and when not engaged in the program. Policies vary by area in regards to whether face coverings are required during instruction and activities. To learn more about our Return to Play safety guidelines, click here

Graphic displaying the different things to bring to camp, a water bottle, lunch, shoes, athletic clothes, and sunscreen.

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