Fall Family Fitness Ideas

August 19th, 2021

A mother and daughter in workout clothes smiling and laughing together outdoors. Both have dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, and are flexing their arms while laughing.


Stay Active with the Whole Family this Fall

In the past year everyone had to adjust to a new way of life; whether that be taking online classes, working from home, socially distancing, or self-quarantining. With big life changes like these it is common to let our schedules fall apart with all the added stress on our mental health. As we move into back-to-school season it’s important to remember the importance of incorporating fitness for the whole family into your routine. Staying active throughout these times will lower stress levels, boost energy, and put you in a better mood helping with your mental health. These are some ways to get your kid active while at home.


Involve the kids - Include your chidlren in the process of deciding what kind of exercise they want to do. Give them a few options and let them choose the activity. This can also be done around the house by giving them small chores and responsibilities. 


Safe outdoor activities - Encourage kids to go outside when social distancing is possible. This can include playing catch, walking the dog, riding bikes around and so much more. Another great option for children to be outdoors are Skyhawks Sports programs, which keep them social and active while also following safety protocols. 


Change it up - Make sure to change things up so your child doesn’t get bored doing the same activities. This can be as simple as playing a new game, hiking on a different trail, or even going to a new park.


Family activities - If you make physical activity part of your family’s routine the children will be more likely to participate. Some examples include taking family hikes, playing active games together, and walking the dog.


Set an example - Children are much more likely to engage in and enjoy physical activity if they see that you’re active as well. (You will also benefit from the exercise!)


Dealing with a new schedule and surroundings can be hard on your mental health, which is why being able to stay active is such a big deal. The benefits of being active can help maintain a balanced lifestyle and provide kids with a much needed energy release after so much time spent indoors this past year. Check out our Family Resources page for more ways to stay active at home including free lesson plans and class videos! 

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