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This is our crew, our team—the glue that holds it all together. We come from all over the country and many different backgrounds. Before landing at SuperTots Sports Academy we held a variety of interesting jobs as HR professionals and rental car agents, consultants and engineers. Some were coaches and some worked in Parks & Recreation. Point is, we all have one thing on common: we are passionate about youth and sports. The average tenure of our team is nine years. That says it all. Every person on our team works all year long to ensure that your child has a safe and positive class experience, regardless of his or her starting abilities.

Our company mission statement reads, "Developing one child at a time.” In addition to motor skills, we want to make sure your child walks away with excitement for learning, playing and athletics—all critical for a healthy well-rounded individual. Every day at class, our team is committed to making sure your child walks away from an SuperTots Sports Academy program with new skills, new friends, and a lifelong love for a healthy, active lifestyle. From our family to yours, welcome to SuperTots.

Corporate Staff

SuperTots Sports Academy is the essential partner for creating successful athletic programs in your community. The national SuperTots team has over 100 years of combined experience in athletic programs.

Jason Frazier
President/Chief Operating Officer

Jason grew up in Cincinnati, OH where he learned the true meaning of patience and blind loyalty by being a Reds and a Bengals fan. He graduated from Ohio State University (he's one of the few people who doesn’t use "the") - with degrees in Management Information Systems and Economics. – GO BUCKEYES! After graduating, Jason began working for Ernst and Young and moved to California with his wife, Nikki. It was there that he realized it's not fun sitting in a cubicle all day long. In a life-altering move, he began with Skyhawks in 2002, realizing a dream to combine his two biggest passions – athletics and working with kids. After surviving stints in San Francisco and Seattle, Jason moved back to Ohio, where he became the Director of the Skyhawks Franchise company. In 2017 Jason moved to Spokane to assume his new role as president and COO of Skyhawks. His biggest passion is spending time with his kids, Aaron and Zoe, who always keep life in perspective. Besides acting like a big toy for his children, Jason enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, playing soccer, and sleeping (when his kids allow it).

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Josh Kaiel
Vice President of Franchising

Josh grew up in Portland, OR, where he quickly picked up the love for soccer while watching the Portland Timbers of the old NASL days. Although he grew up playing all sports, soccer was his passion. Josh went on to play at Gonzaga University during its early WCC years under the coaching staff of none other than Jeff Heimbigner, Dave Berto, and Chris Stiles. Josh first began working for Skyhawks starting in the summer of 1993 where he traveled all through the northwest directing and coaching 300 kid camps during his college years. This is where he discovered a love for coaching and teaching. After graduating from Gonzaga, Josh went to South Korea to teach English returned and pursued his Master’s in Teaching at Concordia University in Portland. Josh then taught elementary education for 14 years, where he worked extensively perfecting his craft in teaching and curriculum development. Around teaching full time, Josh trained soccer teams and coaches in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho while running his own camps and academies. Josh is married to Stashia and they are proud parents to two girls, Olivia and Laila. When Josh is not working, he can usually be found coaching his daughter's soccer teams, working on projects at his house, or spending time with his family and friends.

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Mario Williams
Director of SuperTots

Mario Williams was born in Spokane, Washington. He grew up playing soccer and football, but loves playing all sports. His sports career includes three years of semi-pro football with the Spokane Wolfpack and several years of competitive flag football. He and his wife, Andrea, have two kids and have enjoyed living in Spokane for many years. An EWU business degree graduate, Mario has been with SuperTots since 2002 and helped launch the company into the nationally recognized brand it is today. Mario's proudest moments with SuperTots includes setting up and supporting new operations in China and Indonesia. In his free time Mario enjoys playing a wide range of sports, coaching his children’s sports teams, and cheering on the Seahawks.

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Erika Skar
Director of Franchise Support

A Washington State native, Erika graduated from Gonzaga University—GO ZAGS!—with a degree in French, completely preparing her for a career with a sports camp company.  Alors bientôt nous allons commencer à offrir des programmes de camp de sport au Québec, non?  Since joining the Skyhawks organization in 1994, Erika has held a variety of roles, including a brief stint as the Indianapolis Area Manager, team mascot, water girl and most recently as the Director of Franchise Support. In her spare time she can be found hiking the trails of Rattlesnake Ledge with her husband, two boys and the family dog, snapping scenery shots or in the kitchen cooking up some sort of culinary delight bien sûr!

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Andrew Chapman
Executive Director of Business Development

Andrew Chapman (Chappie) was born and raised in Bremerton, Washington. He grew up in a running family giving him the natural endurance to play soccer. His love of soccer began at the age of 5 and has yet to stop. Andrew is a graduate from Eastern Washington University with a Masters in Science in Physical Education. Directly out of his master’s program, Andrew was hired on as the Coach and PE coordinator for Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA leading the soccer team to six divisional titles and three college championships. He also has been the GM and head coach of the PRO team, The Kitsap Pumas, taking them to the 2014 PDL Championships. Andrew is returning to Skyhawks after having previously worked for Skyhawks as a coach and director between 1997 and 2003. Andrew is married to Heather who he met in a speech class at Eastern, and they have two boys named Kadyn and Skyler.

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Ryan Weaver
Director of Marketing

Ryan was born and raised in Hawaii, the youngest of three kids. Ryan developed a love of soccer at an early age, starting at age 5 and continuing on through high school. Ryan is a graduate of Gonzaga University---GO ZAGS!---and has held down a wide variety of positions in marketing & public relations, including returning to high school as an assistant soccer coach for a time. Ryan met his wife Brittany after moving to the Puget Sound area post-Gonzaga and returned to Spokane with three girls - Saige, Cassidy, and Indiana - in tow to join the Skyhawks team in 2016. Ryan enjoys spending time being woefully outnumbered at home 4-1 and waking up too early on the weekends to catch his beloved West Ham United in the English Premier League, as well as rooting on the Zags, Green Bay Packers, and Mariners.

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Brett Rountree
Brand Development Director

Born and raised in Spokane, WA some of Brett’s earliest memories involve spending the summer at various Skyhawks camps. Growing up in a soccer family, Brett was an avid left midfielder for a large majority of her life. She has also tried her hand at track, volleyball, basketball, dance, cheerleading and even spent a year as the 2013 Spokane Lilac Queen, but she always comes back to soccer. Brett was known as Skyhawks “Coach B” for quite a while and has coached everything from golf to basketball to Mini-Hawk® multi-sport camps. A WSU graduate, Brett spends her time watching Cougar football games and cheering on her little brothers at all of their sporting events.

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Tracy Umbrell
Executive Director of Finance

Tracy was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. As is typical in the Midwest, she participated in all the school athletics available: softball, basketball, track, and swimming. Her early accounting training came from counting eggs—thousands and thousands of them on the family chicken farm. Graduation from the University of Iowa—GO HAWKEYES!—with a degree in accounting led her to Colorado, practicing as a CPA for 13 years both in the Rocky Mountains and later in the Pacific Northwest. As a result of an ultimatum from her husband in which he stated that he was not going to do another tax season with another baby, Tracy finished her Master’s in Health Policy and Administration at Washington State University—GO COUGARS!—and worked in the health field for several years before joining Skyhawks in 2007. Tracy and Jim are the parents of three boys who keep them busy with activities ranging from soccer and basketball to being roadies for a garage band practicing out of their house.

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Franchise Owners

Franchise Owners work diligently with local organizations to provide youth with the best athletics experience available. Owners combine their love for athletics with a passionate commitment to children and community enrichment through SuperTots Sports Academy programs.


A Program Coach is a qualified college-aged individual or high school student, age 17 or older, with experience in athletics and working with children. The coach is the most essential part of the Skyhawks program. They work individually with the participants to teach, encourage and challenge them. Each coach must complete an extensive certification process and successfully pass a criminal background investigation.

Our coaches make a significant difference to your child’s on-field experience. Chosen for their strong personal character, responsibility, and capacity to effectively communicate sports skills to youth, our staff will make the extra effort every time to ensure that your children have the best on-field/court experience, emphasize teamwork, and learn life skills through sports. Our staff is required to complete our extensive certification process that includes:

•  Interview & tryout screening
      - Proof of strong athletic skills
      - Proof of being a great role model for kids and have a minimum 3.0 GPA
•  National background check
•  CPR and first-aid certification
•  Testing on and off the field or court
•  Training and skill development workshops

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Creates awareness and raises money to support the institutions, doctors and organizations that are working to seek better treatments for childhood cancer and to find a cure.

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