Policies and General Program Information

Our Sports Classes

Classes meet once per week. Each class lasts 50 minutes. Classes are positive and non-competitive!


All equipment is provided.

Class Attire

Children should wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers and bring a water bottle. Please no sandals or dress shoes.

Pro-rated Session Fee

  • We encourage customers to join classes with open spots after the session has started and only pay a pro-rated registration fee.
  • Customers must pay for a class spot whether or not your child can attend. Therefore, pro-rated fees are calculated based on the number of classes remaining in the session NOT the number of classes a customer can attend.
  • Classes can be pro-rated for customers once the session is in progress but not before the first class of the session.
  • Customers who cannot attend all the remaining classes in a session can makeup classes. See our makeup policy policy below.

Make up Classes

  • We understand that there are times that customers are unable to attend a class. It is not necessary to call the office in advance when you are going to miss a class.
  • Contact us via email or phone to schedule a make up class.
  • We will try to provide the best class times and location alternatives that have space availability.
  • Make up Classes are a courtesy for our customers and not an obligation. We cannot guarantee that an appropriate time, class level or location is available for a make up class, but we will try to accommodate your request.
  • If appropriate make up times are not available before the end of the session, we cannot refund for missed classes. Make up classes have no cash value and therefore cannot be applied toward future classes or transferred to siblings or other participants.
  • Make up classes cannot be carried over to new sessions.

Sibling Discount

  • When you register siblings (or when you register one child for two classes in the same transaction), you will receive a 20% discount for the lowest priced class. *Discount does not apply in all areas*
  • The Sibling discount applies to both full price and pro-rated classes.

Registration Process

  • Classes are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Current Customers will have an option to stay in their current class during the pre-registration period. The Pre-registration period is approximately two to three weeks before the end of the current session.
  • Current students will get notified about next session enrollment (typically announced by the instructors and or e-mailed) of open enrollment for current students, followed immediately by open registration for new students. Should you not be in class or receive the e-mail, please check with the office as to when you will be able to sign up for next session.
  • Session dates are always posted online on the locations page of each website.


Only payment in full secures your child’s spot in a class. We cannot hold spots without payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, check or cash.

Registration and payment may be made by phone, through the web site, in person or by mail.

A $25.00 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

Age Appropriateness

We strongly recommend children participate in the proper age appropriate classes as defined our literature and web site. The proper class is determined by the child’s age at the first class of the session. Any exceptions must be approved by the program director and will be assessed for suitability by the instructor in the first class of the session.

Drop-Off Policy

SuperTots Classes are not drop-off classes. Parents or caregivers of all participants must stay in the building or vicinity during classes in case your child needs assistance.


If your child is unable to attend the program after registering, you can receive a refund if you notify us 7 days before the start of the class or if you’ve purchased the refund protection offered when you registered. Please contact us by calling 1-866-849-1099 from 9am to 5pm PST to receive your refund. Refunds will only be given if you have registered through SuperTots Sports Academy. There is a $10 refund administration fee.

If you registered for our classes through a third party, SuperTots Partner organization, please contact that organization directly about their refund policy.

SuperTots Sports Academy does not refund for missed classes.

If you cancel within 7 days of the program start date, and before the start date, you may apply your registration to a future program.

SuperTots Sports Academy offers Refund Protection for $7 per program, which is due at the time of registration. Refund Protection entitles you to a full refund of your registration if you cancel for any reason prior to the start date of the program. Please note that the $7 Refund Protection fee is non-refundable.

Full Refunds will be issued if we must cancel a class and cannot place your child in a comparable class.

Under certain circumstances, class credit will be issued for a future session and must be coordinated and approved by a manager. Only the unused portion will be credited based on the date of the withdrawal and notification. The date of the contact, email or postmarked letter will be used to determine the official date of the request, and determine the eligibility of a refund or the pro-rated amount of a credit.

The Registration fee will be forfeited if the reason for cancelation is customer oriented.

Annual Registration Fee

An annual registration fee is due upon your initial signup registration. This charge will be required annually upon your anniversary date. Each child in your family will be charged the annual fee.

  • There is no sibling discount for the registration fee.
  • This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the organization and will supersede any price that may be posted online or in outdated informational brochures.
  • Any refunds on the registration fee is based on the situation.

Instructor Requests

We understand that once your child finds an instructor with whom he or she is comfortable, you may want to continue with that instructor. We will try our best to accommodate your request, however, we cannot guarantee instructor requests. All of our teachers are experienced and trained in our curriculum and bring their own strengths to provide an enjoyable learning experience for each child.

Instructor Substitutions

We schedule our instructors to avoid any unnecessary staff absences; however, at times an instructor may be unavoidably absent. Should your instructor be absent, we will provide a competent substitute. In the extreme case, when no substitute can be provided, we will arrange a make up class or issue a credit worth the full value of the class. We at no time guarantee the same instructor all session long although we do work hard to maintain this continuity.

Class Schedule Changes or Delays

  • SuperTots sometimes must delay or cancel classes where enrollment is fewer than 3 children. When we delay the start of a class, any classes missed due to delay will be credited or refunded.
  • We will make every effort to enroll your child in another class should this occur.
  • Since classes that are less than three students will be subject to schedule changes, please have a second class choice time in mind.
  • Customers of classes cancelled by SuperTots will receive a 100% refund including registration fee.
  • Sometimes we will choose to hold classes with three children enrolled with the hope of getting more registrants as the session progresses. Customer help in filling up small classes is enthusiastically welcomed.
  • We strive for full classes but we cannot guarantee it. Some classes will have a small number of participants. Full and small classes both have their advantages and disadvantages. No matter the number of kids in a class, a trained, motivated instructor will conduct it with enthusiasm and provide a quality developmental experience for your child.

Parent Coaching from the Sidelines

We ask parents to not give instruction or coaching from the sidelines. We have learned that getting instruction from two sources; the parent and the instructor, causes confusion in the child. Our instructors are experienced and trained on the best techniques for teaching children class behavior and following directions. We use a pull rather than a push philosophy that takes some patience but is very effective in teaching behavior. If your child is not following directions, not engaged or being disruptive we ask that you let the instructor use their techniques to remedy the situation before saying or taking any action. We fully understand that learning to follow directions and be in a class is part of the SuperTots experience. We welcome parent encouragement and positive comments during class.

Parents Role

At SuperTots we utilize a pull philosophy, rather than a push philosophy to teach. We feel it is best to create the desire to participate rather than pushing them into uncomfortable situations. The curriculum is designed to be progressive and will lead to positive things in children if they are allowed to progress at their own pace. You will be amazed at the results of self-motivated skill and fitness development. As our classes and curriculum are based on age, there will be differences in the progress of your child versus the other children. Just as children learn to walk and talk at different rates, they will progress in SuperTots at their own pace. Comparing your child to others can lead to frustration. We recommend praise for even the smallest accomplishments and to continually let your child know that you are proud of them. Positive reinforcement is always one of the greatest tools in any learning experience.


Younger siblings are welcome to observe the class but for safety reasons we cannot allow these younger children to walk and crawl around the field and play with equipment in the same area as the class. If you wish, you may ask the instructor for some equipment for the child to play with in another area away from where classes not being conducted.

Older siblings are welcome to watch but due to the focus and attention required in these classes we cannot allow them to participate. Older siblings may participate as a “helper” to the instructor with prearranged instructor approval. However, we can only have 1 helper per class. Again, this is to prevent injury to the younger children. Older children will be asked to leave the field should they be a distraction to the class.

Upset Children

Sometimes children become upset during class. There are many reasons why children cry; separation from parents, feeling out of control, afraid of a new situation, hunger, or tired. Most reasons become resolved with time and positive reinforcement except for hunger and tired. Therefore, please pick times that do not directly conflict with your child's nap time and please feed the hungry tummy prior to class. Each instructor can share many stories with you about reluctant, fearful or shy students that end up happy.

Most of the time the crying, fussing, non-participation is more difficult for the emotions of the parent than the child or the instructor. We recommend and encourage patience as sometimes it just takes a little time until crying children are ready to re-engage.

If you should see your child is truly upset or crying non-stop, please feel free to come and join them on the field as long as you feel it be necessary. We have found that it does not disrupt the class to have a parent participant and we want your child to feel comfortable and engaged.

If you cannot stop your child from crying please exit the playing area as it makes it very difficult for the kids and Coach to focus. Once again we recommend comfort and watching for awhile until the child feels ready to engage. We change activities quickly and most kids will engage after a while. Once again, we recommend to not push kids after a cry but give them control with a choice.

Children who won’t stop crying will be gently lead to their parent or caregiver for some comfort and a break.

Sick Children

Please do not bring sick children to class. Children deemed sick will be lead to the parent or caregiver and asked not to participate. We kindly ask that you don’t put our instructors in this precarious position by keeping sick kids home. Thank you.

Weather Policy

In the event of questionable weather conditions, the director at each site may cancel or postpone the program for the safety of the participants. SuperTots Sports Academy cannot provide refunds for cancellations or postponements that are weather-related. We may in most instances schedule a make up class later in the session.

Parent Participation Week

The second from last week of the session, the parents are invited to participate in the light activity for the entire class. We play special games that require lots of Parent-Child play and interaction. Please wear active clothes and shoes on those days and prepare siblings that may be in attendance. You are welcome to bring a “fill in” if you can’t participate. Please tell the Instructor if you don’t have a fill-in or can’t participate and we will adjust and still make it a good experience for your child. We understand. It is not a big deal so don’t feel guilty (Moms) if you can’t participate for some reason. We can only allow one adult participant per child.

Before Class

Please check in with your Coach each week. Please provide your child's first and last name and the class they are participating in. Please do not assume we know who you are as we have many new students being added each week.

We encourage parents or caregivers to arrive early to warm up with your child before class. Please feel free to come onto the field and play with your child while waiting for class to start. The kids love it. However, we ask that parents be very aware of safety issues and be very aware of other kids in the play area.

Potty: Have child use the bathroom before classes.

Please arrive a few minutes early if you have any administrative items to address. Our Instructors can’t deal with administrative issues after the regularly scheduled class time.

During Class

Please have a water bottle ready for your child. We take one or sometimes two water breaks during class. We discourage kids from getting water whenever they want but rather wait until the water breaks. It is difficult for the instructor’s class management if kids are coming and going at will and we ask the Parents to help us with this policy

We strongly recommend water only for breaks during class. We do NOT recommend juice, soda pop, milk or even a sports drink during class. Those are good after exercise replenishment drinks but are not as good as water during exercise. We also forbid food during class. Please snack before if necessary.

If you see signs that your child may have to use the bathroom, please retrieve them or call them to you. Potty issues happen especially at this age.


All of our employees have gone through a comprehensive background check and training program. Part of the training program entails identifying potential situations that may result in injury. We also train instructors to inspect the premises to identify and address safety issues before each class.

Liability Waiver

All parents of participants are required to sign or electronically acknowledge a Liability Waiver on behalf of their child prior to their child stepping on to the field. There are no exceptions to this rule. Should you choose to not sign or electronically acknowledge this form, your child will not be allowed to participate. This form is presented during the electronic online registration. Registrations by fax or mail must use the SuperTots Registration Form which contains the Liability Waiver.

Media Consent Form

This consent allows us to use your child’s image to promote SuperTots programs. We do not publish names or identities associated with images. We will not sell, loan, give the images to any organization to use for any other reason other than to promote SuperTots programs.

Pending Charge

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Cancelation Policy

If your child is unable to attend the program after registering, you can apply the registration fee to a future Skyhawks Sports program in the current or following year by calling 866.849.1099. Refunds will only be given if you have registered through Skyhawks Sports and purchased Refund Protection. If you registered through another organization, please contact the organization directly about their refund policy. Skyhawks Sports does not pro-rate programs for missed camp days.

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Pending Assessment

Your registration can not be processed until your child completes a skill assessment or the provider waives the skill assessment. Please contact Skyhawks as soon as possible to resolve this prerequisite. We will reserve your spot for five days. If the skill assessment has not been completed or waived within five days from your order, your reserved activity or camp selection will be automatically canceled.

Pending Approval

You have selected a program that has limited availability. We must confirm availability with the provider before completing your selection. This process will be completed within 48 hours. During the 48 hour period you will have a reserved spot in your selected listings (1st choice and 2nd choice). If your 1st choice is not available, the registration process will automatically proceed with your 2nd choice.

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You will receive one or more receipts which reflect the actual total for all charges. You will receive this within 48 hours unless one of your activities or camps is still pending a skill assessment.

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Pending Registrations

Credit cards cannot be deleted when transactions are pending. To cancel, click cancel from your summary schedule. Cancellations are subject to the providers' policies. Skyhawks does not issues refunds or credits for cancellations without Refund Protection.

Skyhawks Scholarships

Scholarships for kids who are financially unable to attend sports programs. Your donation is greatly appreciated, but is not tax deductible.

Annual Membership Fees

An additional fee for those programs that meet annual membership fee criteria.

Brandon's Goal

Creates awareness and raises money to support the institutions, doctors and organizations that are working to seek better treatments for childhood cancer and to find a cure.

Refund Protection

For $10.00 per program, due at the time of registration, Refund Protection entitles you to a full refund of your registration if you cancel for any reason at least 2 weeks before the program start date.

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For the price specified, Skyhawks offers you the convenience of renting the necessary equipment required for participation in this program.

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